Thank you to everyone who was helping find homes for my little ones!

I found a man who wants to take them, and by that I mean all of them except the one boy I had a home for already. He even wants Missy so she gets to go with her babies.

We had some ups and downs, a couple of them have been sick kittens, but I’m only keeping them a bit longer to finish up their meds and get them a bit bigger cause they’re going to be barn kitties. They’ll be safe and have regular food but won’t be indoor so I want them a little fatter to help fight off the cold. It won’t take long for them to put on weight.

The top half of these are only about 8 days before the others and you might be able to tell how much bigger they got in that time. I’ll put up some other pictures after they go to their new homes. Thanks again to everyone!

Location and Poisoning Warning

Now I know I can not legally give names for this, but on the off chance someone is really near me I’m going to give out my location because of the poison threat that’s been made. That way if anyone happens to see this and is in the area they can keep their animals safe.


I live on the north east side of Lovington NM in Lea County. Anyone with outdoor animals near Monroe close to Love or East street itself please keep your little ones well feed/watered and away from here, for a while; till this dick gets over his hissy fit and moves on to something else.


In fact it’s always best to make sure your outdoor animals always know where they have safe food and water because of people like him. If they know where they can get those things they’re less likely to go for poison even if it’s baited, so please make sure outdoor pets have free choice/accessible food at all times, for their safety and health. Also if you ever find meat near your house, you did not put out. quickly dispose of it.

These are pictures of a batch of little ones that were left on my porch four days ago. They’re back to being healthy and active. Vet says they’re four weeks old so it will be at least another two before they’re safe to give away.


The little orange colored one I’m calling Lucky Lemon cause I had a lady come to claim him already, for when he’s ready, but the other five still need homes if any of you know anyone or could help by letting others know about them, it’d be a huge help.


The one with the close-up and milk on her muzzle was found this morning she got separated from the others when they were first abandoned. She’s a survivor, made it four days by herself in this cold. She wants to be held all the time right now, think she’s still scared; I’ve been bottle feeding her.


Missy (Momma Kitty) is also up for adoption but she can’t go till the babies are on solids. They’re got their flea combings and baths today, they’re normally much fluffier.


I’ll be putting up more pictures at this site:

This will be a folder dedicated to kittens needing homes.

Thank you all and if nothing else enjoy the cute kitten pictures.




This little mister was found hiding under my car on the 8th of October. It took a bit of doing, but we got him inside, eating, and out of the cold, but I unfortunately cannot keep him. He had fleas when we found him, but is currently being medicated for it, and may have round worm which he will be medicated for in the next few days.

I don’t want to turn him over to animal control, and our city’s only no-kill shelter is at full capacity.  So I’m turning to you tumblr-verse. If anyone from Nashville, TN to Madisonville, KY is looking for a puppy, here is your chance.

From what we’ve managed to figure out he appears to be a pitbull mix of a some form, around seven to eight weeks, and is fully weened. He is not housebroken, but seems to be easy to train ( unfortunately I have animals of my own so he is stuck in quarantine or I’d be training him myself).

He is shy when he firsts meets new people and sort of quiet, loves to cuddle, and sleeps through the night on his own without crying. He responds well to commands, though he hasn’t gotten any tricks down yet, and has a very gentle temperament.

If anyone has room for him in their home please let me know, he’s had a rough start in life and deserves a great home. I’m willing to drive within an hour of the above listed locations, but you are more than welcome to drive out here to meet him and take him home yourself if you are so inclined. Let’s try and find this little gentleman a great forever home!

reblogging again for the second day! He is still looking for a forever home. Thank you everyone who has spread the word so far, and let’s find this little prince a great home.

Little Prince is STILL AVAILABLE!

He is on his way to being house broken, and is showing excellent signs of socialization, but he is still waiting for a forever home. I have set up a donate button on my page for anyone wanting to assist in getting him to a vet, and getting him supplies before he is rehomed, and helping us keep him longer.

I can only keep him until Wednesday at this point, so any amount of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone who has reblogged, sent love and support, and overall assisted so far in helping him find a forever home.

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Kitten Update: Emergency Adoption

  • I know everyone's probably waiting on pictures of the month old babies I have, but their older siblings are in danger in a way I'm not sure I can protect them from. I need them adopted like yesterday.
  • .
  • One of my neighbors is threating to poison the older litter if they keep getting near/on his racecar. I've told him I have a place to take them if I haven't found someone for them in two weeks, but that's only a half truth. I need permission to drop them off there and haven't received it yet, or I'd have taken them already. Which leaves me with few options.
  • .
  • Please anyone at all who can take one of these older ones. I need homes for them immediately because of this threat. Even if you just have a place for them for a few days while I find someone who can be their forever homes. I can't hold that many inside my house and I need help to protect them from this man, and yes I did warn him it'd be illegal but he doesn't care.
  • .
  • Again we're in Lea County NM, if needed I may be able to take them to places nearby but have no idea how well they'd take to travel.
  • .
  • UPDATE: Sister-in-law can hold onto them for me for a few weeks.
  • They still need real homes but I have a place I can take them that they'll be safe at! Please anyone who wants one they will still be up for adoption.

Carrie, Purrsistance, Skittish, and Shorty.


All from the same litter and are approx. 4 months old. Skittish is well a bit more timid then her siblings, the other’s are willing to be petted and played with but do still spook easily. Carrie and Skittish look almost exactly alike except for their faces and ear tips.


They’ve been outdoor only their whole lives as far as I’m aware. They do come when called/chittered/cooed at or when brought food and hang around after to be petted and played with.


We’re in the Lea County New Mexico area, anyone interested please message me for more info about them, or any others I have for adoption.



More Kitten Info, about litters needing adoption.

I’ll try to get some decent pictures tomorrow when it’s light out again so people can see the kittens if they’re interested.


The older cats (4 months~) are all outdoor only right now, they do want in the house so they’d probably adjust to that fairly quickly. There are 4 of them as well. One Orange with blotches and a white belly, and the others are all grey with strip markings and white bellies. One of the greys is short hair the others are all medium length.


One of the grey haired is still a little feral and we call her skittish the others are playful but a little timid, the orange one is the bravest and we call him persistence because he will stalk you to get attention. They’re all easy to call with a bit of food or just coming outside most days so while not perfectly tame they are decently humanized.


The momma kitty (Missy) is also in need of a forever home and is fairly tame, she’s purring away quite happily in my old rabbit cage right now nursing her babies (the one month olds). Anyone who is interested in her may wish to know that three of this new little have multiple colors (calico coats), which means she’d probably make a good queen for breeding if anyone wants to raise those kinds of cats.


The younger babies all have white bellies and they’re patterns are quite varied so I’ll take pictures of them and show those rather then try to explain them in text. I’ll hope to have pictures of all of them up very soon. Please re-blog this and the previous message about them for me so we can find these little ones homes. Thank you!

Kittens looking for Forever Homes!

  • So I woke up to 5 kittens on my porch this morning.
  • .
  • Neighbor decided they didn't want to put the effort into caring for them anymore. They're only approx. a month old right now, they need at least another 2 weeks before they can safely be away from their mother.
  • I did manage to capture their mother and she's quite happy to have her babies back.
  • .
  • I can keep them for a few weeks but I'm not able to give them their forever home/s as I have several of my own already.
  • If any of you are in or near the Lea Country NM area or know someone who is, and would like a kitten/s please message me.
  • .
  • There's also an older litter that is about 4 months that this neighbor wants rid of as well so they're here too if an older kitten is preferred.
  • If the older litter isn't adopted soon I know a few places I can take them to live semi-wild out in county areas but the younger kittens I would like to find real homes for.
  • .
  • They're quite fine with being handled and will get even more so in the coming weeks, I'm sure. So please anyone in the Lea County area or near it message me if you can take a kitten. I'll try to be on regularly to check said messages, and thank you for reading.

Am I missing something? Cause we need this if I’m not.

I want the ability to search my followed blogs, or even just individual blogs for a certain tag. Maybe we can do that and I don’t know how, but it’s very irritating to remember a post you didn’t have time for or didn’t remember to like/reblog when you had the chance, and then you spend hours searching for it because you don’t remember where it was.

It would make things a lot more convenient to be able to use a search that didn’t go thru all of Tumblr for the tag.


Can we all just pause a moment to appreciate how much of an angel Tom Hiddleston is?? Thank you.

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Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers

As described by Selnick’s article:

Author and doctor of clinical psychology Carolyn Kaufman has released a one-page body language cheat sheet of psychological “tells” (PDF link) fiction writers can use to dress their characters.